PRSVR Logo Tee (Pende Design)

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PRSVR Logo Tee (Pende Design)

When we set out to rebrand with a new logo, we wanted to recognize and embrace the energy that we already consumed, and exemplify that in the new products being offered. When creating the new logo, we wanted to embark on a new way to identify our fundamentals, and have them with us at all times even if we weren't emblazoning them directly onto garments. In the creation of the Pended logo (Pende is the number 5 in greek), we wanted to give representation to the 5 ingredients of PRSVR. Each branch in the Pende represents the measure needed to form the full statue. Those divisions are Passion; Resilience; Sacrifice; Values; Respect.

In absorbing the energy that we already have hovering over the brand, we received new energy in understanding the number five. Not only does it identify our fundamentals, and the completion of Perseverance, the number 5 also represents balance. We have five fingers on each hand, there are 5 rings in the Olympics logo, we have 5 senses, and at any given moment a high five is an acceptable moment of praise. With this being our first logo'd t shirt that we have made available to our clients, we wanted it to be something special that would be worn with or without a full outfit of PRSVR product. The shirt was created by us prior to adding on any logo. We went with a tonal approach to the first design to lock in with other products made by us. The Pende was then given texture, and a raised method for applying the graphic onto the shirts. This raised method has given the shirts a facelift to the normal screenprint that can otherwise be seen, giving it an elevated approach to the logo tee.

Available now, and hopefully becoming a staple item in your wardrobe soon!