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Travel Ball Basketball

Travel Ball Basketball

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Take Your Game on the Road with the PRSVR Travel Ball

The PRSVR Travel Ball is a premium indoor basketball designed for serious players who demand peak performance. Whether you're honing your skills at the gym or lighting up the court at pickup games, the Travel Ball delivers a perfect combination of grip, bounce, and durability for the indoor hardwood.

Built to Travel, Crafted for Control:

  • Indoor-Specific Materials: Unlike composite covers designed for outdoor play, the Travel Ball features premium materials that excel on smooth surfaces. This focus on indoor performance provides a more consistent grip and bounce for precise ball handling and shooting.
  • Enhanced Grip: The Travel Ball's textured cover provides superior grip, even when your hands get sweaty during intense play. This allows for better control and confidence when dribbling, passing, and making those clutch shots.
  • Durable Performance: The Travel Ball is built to withstand the rigors of indoor play. Its durable construction can handle the constant pounding and cuts of competitive basketball without sacrificing feel.

Sized for Regulation Play:

The PRSVR Travel Ball is a size 7 basketball, the official size for adult men's and women's games.

Elevate Your Indoor Game:

If you're a serious ball player looking for a top-of-the-line indoor basketball, the PRSVR Travel Ball is the perfect choice. Experience the difference that premium materials and indoor-specific design can make in your game.

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