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Valley Sports Bomber (Satin)

Valley Sports Bomber (Satin)

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The PRSVR Satin Valley Sports Bomber: Luxury Meets Sport in a Statement Piece

Reimagine Athletic Style with the PRSVR Satin Valley Sports Bomber.

This isn't your average sports bomber - it's a luxurious blend of athletic inspiration and sophisticated design. The PRSVR Satin Valley Sports Bomber features a matte white satin exterior with contrasting gray details, creating a look that's both sleek and undeniably eye-catching.

A Touch of Luxury:

  • The smooth, matte white satin fabric exudes a touch of luxury, elevating your everyday style.
  • Contrasting gray details at the shoulders and midsection add a touch of dimension and visual interest.

Inspired by Performance:

  • The classic bomber jacket silhouette offers a timeless and sporty look.
  • Tonal hardware ensures a clean and streamlined aesthetic.
  • A regular fit provides a comfortable and versatile wear.

Unveiling the Unexpected:

  • Open the bomber to reveal a custom LAMBO lining featuring the brand's signature red, black, and blue hero colorway. This unexpected detail adds a touch of personality and celebrates the PRSVR heritage.

Why You'll Love It:

  • Experience the unparalleled luxury of the soft and smooth satin fabric.
  • Stand out from the crowd with a unique and eye-catching design.
  • Enjoy the comfort and versatility of a classic bomber jacket silhouette.
  • Discover the playful surprise of the custom LAMBO lining.

The PRSVR Satin Valley Sports Bomber is more than just a jacket - it's a conversation starter and a statement of luxury. Shop now and elevate your sportswear collection!

P.S. Shown with the matching pants and white bucket hat.

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